An administrator is someone appointed by the South Australian Civil Administration Tribunal (SACAT) to manage the financial, legal and business affairs of another person who is unable to manage their own affairs because of mental incapacity.

This is done through an Administration Order.

Who can be an administrator?

The role of administrator is usually taken on based on the relationship with the protected person and the desire to care for their wellbeing.

In some cases, the Public Trustee is appointed as administrator.

Duties of an administrator

An administrator’s duties can vary depending on what is set out in the Administration Order.

Some of the duties and obligations include:

  • documenting the income the protected person has earned and what it has been spent on
  • collecting and banking the income of the protected person
  • paying accounts and managing their assets and liabilities, ensuring all assets are recorded in the protected person’s name, that assets are secure and covered by appropriate insurance
  • continuing and reviewing pension entitlements
  • managing and maintaining real estate purchases and sales (real estate can only be purchased and sold with prior approval from SACAT)
  • preparing and lodging tax returns
  • carrying on a business
  • investing a protected person's money on their behalf
  • attending court proceedings on behalf of the protected person.

You also have an obligation to report on your financial administration of the protected person's estate to the Public Trustee each year.

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