We take the privacy and confidentiality of our customers’ information very seriously.

There are some situations where we may be required to share information with other companies, government departments and agencies, family members or carers.

If we are administering your estate or managing your financial affairs, we will be legally required to share some information with other people or organisations so we can do our job properly.

Privacy statement

The Government of South Australia is committed to protecting the privacy of every customer’s personal information, and the Public Trustee must comply with the Government’s Information Privacy Principles.

These principles regulate the ways personal information can be collected, used, stored or disclosed to third parties. The principles also provide customers with the right to access and amend their own personal information.

How we use your information

The Public Trustee uses your personal information to:

  • prepare Wills and powers of attorney
  • administer trusts and deceased estates
  • manage people’s affairs under a Power of Attorney, SACAT or Court order
  • manage investments in common funds.

We must ensure that the personal information we collect and use is relevant, up to date and complete.

Your personal information must also be kept private. This means only certain people within the Public Trustee can have access to that information and it can only be passed on in restricted circumstances.

The Public Trustee stores all personal information in paper or computer files and must ensure that all information is stored securely.

How can I find out what information is held about me?

You may request to access personal information the Public Trustee holds about you.

You can look at that information and if it is not correct, you can ask us to change it.