The Public Trustee is a registered Tax Agent and prepares many tax returns each year.

Our tax officers can help minimise tax for our customers by identifying eligibility for deductions and tax offsets.

Fees for our customers are charged on a per hour basis and are tax deductible.

My finances and legal affairs are administered by the Public Trustee

We prepare your personal income tax return if your Administration Order or Power of Attorney gives us permission.

There are some Administration Orders and Powers of Attorney that will not give us authority to prepare your tax return.

In these cases, you or your legal representative can appoint us as your Registered Tax Agent - independent of your Power of Attorney or Administration Order.

Estates and Trusts

Taxation fees are charged for the investigation of taxation matters and for the preparation of tax returns for customers if needed.

We prepare individual tax returns up to the date of death, and trust tax returns during the period of administration.

Children and trusts

The income of a trust is taxable, so it's possible that if your child is a beneficiary of a trust they may have to pay tax.

If your child is entitled to a taxable income from the trust we will send them (or their parent or guardian) a tax summary at the end of each financial year. This summary outlines the amount of taxable income and whether any tax has already been paid.

Your child may need to lodge an income tax return depending on their personal circumstances.

This can be a complicated taxation matter and we strongly recommend seeking professional taxation advice from the Public Trustee or a different tax professional.