When we are appointed as Administrator by SACAT, we are legally responsible for the legal and financial decisions that affect you - the protected person.

Administrator responsibilities

Our responsibilities might include:

  • collecting income from shares, rental properties, pension entitlements, interest or bank accounts or investments
  • paying accounts including rent or mortgage, personal expenses, home repairs, utilities and medical expenses
  • managing real estate
  • ensuring the protected person's money and assets are used to enhance their wellbeing and lifestyle
  • developing an investment strategy on behalf of the protected person.

Each SACAT order will contain different directions to the Administrator, depending on the circumstances.

What happens now?

Our role in financially administering your estate begins as soon as we receive the order from SACAT or a Court.

It's important to know that the Order is effective immediately - but it does take a while for us to set everything up to manage your estate properly.

It can take up to 6 weeks before organisations like Centrelink make your person or benefits available to us.

Our first step is to contact you, your authorised liaison person or your carers. At this time we will:

  • explain our roles and responsibilities
  • talk about the administration process, including investing any funds and managing any potential legal issues
  • discuss an affordable budget that takes your wishes into consideration
  • clarify any fees and charges.

Next steps

Once we've spoken to you, we will then:

  • notify any relevant organisations that we've been appointed as your Administrator
  • confirm your income sources and make sure everything is redirected to us (including full pension entitlements)
  • confirm your assets and liabilities
  • safeguard your assets by making sure they are adequately insured and physically secure
  • develop your budget based on consultation with you and your support network
  • set up regular payments as appropriate (eg mortgage payments).