Documents prepared (including during home visits)
New Wills538640
Revised Wills1 012956
Total Wills1 5501 596
Enduring Powers of Attorney (new and revised)378391
Documents prepared during home visits
Number of home visits103232
Wills (new and revised)93102
Enduring Powers of Attorney (new and revised)1128
Deceased estate administration
New cases518653
Completed estate matters728681
Estates currently under administration1 0141 172
Grants of probate and administration received for the period427428
Unclaimed money balances – finalised at 30 June, payment early next period
Number of unclaimed balances paid to DTF3944
Value of unclaimed balances paid to DTF$0.6m$0.3m
Annual taxation returns           
Taxation returns and other assessments completed7 1957 410
Personal estate administration
Total number of personal estates under administration (including SACAT orders, court awards and Powers of Attorney)4 5524 414
Number of new customers under SACAT Orders402403
New court award customers2929
Total funds received from new court awards$4.5m$10.6m
New Power of Attorney customers3636
Number of in-person meetings with Personal Estates Branch customers872811
Court awarded funds under administration (includes court award customers and court award trusts)$439.2m$436.5m
Reduced fee threshold$5 050$4 950
% of customers under administration from whom no fees were collected17.6%15%
Trust activity
New trusts128125
Trust matters finalised200175
Trusts on hand at 30 June1 2441 316
Trusts for children under the care of the Minister
Trusts for children under the care of the Minister for Child Protection on hand at 30 June3333
Completed trusts for children under the care of the Minister for Child Protection37
Litigation guardian appointments
Number of next friend/litigation guardian matters on hand9787
New litigation guardian customers3034
Private administrators and private managers – review of financial statements
Private administrators appointed under the Guardianship and Administration Act 19931 5241 384
Private managers appointed under the Aged and Infirm Persons’ Property Act 1940179168
Matters referred to SACAT for non – compliance190142
Information sessions for newly appointed administrators1515
Alternate executor administrations pursuant to a court order307276
Customer financial services activity    
Funds under administration (including superannuation)$1 230.0m$1 179.1m
New funds invested for the reporting period$89.1m$79.1m
Funds redeemed for the reporting period$44.1m$49.3m
Total Common Fund trades for the reporting period$1 473.5m$1 056.8m
Distributions to customers$32.8m$44.0m
Total number of payments made425 068417 896
Total value of payments made$282.1m$290.6m
Total customer funds receipted

value of pensions included





Total value of real estate properties held$360.9m$357.8m
Total value of managed customer assets$1 666.6m$1 659.5m

Data for previous years is available at: https://data.sa.gov.au/data/organization/attorney-general-s-dept