A protected person is somebody who is no longer capable of managing their own affairs and where one of the following has been put in place:

A Protection Order or Administration Order appoints the Public Trustee as manager or administrator of a protected person's estate.

This includes looking after their:

  • bank accounts
  • investments
  • property
  • other assets.

If a protected person has assets outside of South Australia (eg real estate), we may appoint an interstate agent to manage this.

Accessing a protected person's financial information

A protected person is entitled to receive information about their finances.

We generally provide statements to customers each quarter - but a protected person may request access to their financial information at any time.

A protected person's financial affairs are confidential.

We comply with the State Government's Information Privacy Principles - however, sometimes an order from SACAT or a Court may require us to provide this information to a third party.

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