Jack, aged 25, has mental health issues related to substance abuse and also has limited funds, and needed someone to manage his finances.

Jack is a 25 year old man whose health has deteriorated due to substance abuse. He receives Centrelink benefits and has a small amount of savings. The effects of substance abuse have meant Jack is not able to act rationally and is no longer able to manage his own affairs.

Due to the mental health issues arising from his long-term substance abuse, Jack’s social worker made an application to SACAT for an Administration Order that would enable an independent authority to administer Jack’s financial affairs.

Although Jack had family, they were reluctant to take up the role of Jack’s administrator. SACAT appointed the Public Trustee to the role instead.

When we were appointed we developed a budget in consultation with his support network, including his family and primary social worker.

Arrangements were made for us to collect his Centrelink benefit and make sure he was receiving other entitlements, such as rental assistance.

We now collect the funds from his bank account and these are held by us in our Cash Common Fund account. From these funds we ensure that all his expenses are paid, which include rent, insurance for furniture and other personal items, and services such as electricity, gas, and water.

Jack also receives a weekly allowance which gives him some control over his own money. He develops special savings goals from time to time which might include purchasing a special item, participating in an important event, or going on holidays.

Jack and his family now have the security of knowing that he no longer has to worry about trying to manage his finances.