SACAT's approval is required before you can purchase real estate on behalf of the protected person.

You need to show that buying the property will:

  • provide a home for the person or their dependents, or
  • prevent the real value of the protected person's assets being reduced by inflation.

Vacant land

Purchasing vacant land will usually be approved if the plan is to build a home for the protected person.

Purchasing vacant land as an investment is not normally approved because it does not produce an income for the protected person.

Applying to SACAT

If you want to purchase real estate on behalf of the protected person you must provide SACAT with a range of information.

See the Private Administrator’s Guide (PDF, 1.7 MB) for more details.

If SACAT approves the purchase, you can:

  • proceed with negotiations with the agent
  • purchase the property
  • engage a land broker or solicitor to settle the transaction.

Make sure the contract includes a statement that ensures the purchase of the property is subject to a satisfactory building inspection.