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Public Trustee - an overview

Public Trustee is proud of our long-standing reputation for trust and reliability. Founded in 1881, we provide professional services along with quality care and advice to almost one-in-ten South Australians.

Serving South Australians in many ways

South Australians traditionally associate Public Trustee as being a ‘maker of Wills’ and a provider of trustee and executor services. How times have changed!

In response to the community’s requirements Public Trustee has expanded its services to include personal estate services; investment services; taxation; real estate; public education and Enduring Powers of Attorney.

Regular visits to regional centres throughout South Australia help ensure that all South Australians have easy access to Public Trustee’s Services.

Today, we are a multi-disciplined Government Business Enterprise with a focus on continuously improving the service we offer to the South Australian community.

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To discover more about our services, please click on the product, or contact us directly either by e-mail or phone (08) 8226 9200 or toll free for country areas on 1800 673 119.





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